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Testimonials :

Faza Adrizal, Commercial Finance for Beverage at Unilever

CIMA Operational Case Study (OCS) – November 2017 – 95 Marks

“Through the dedicated support of Pak Lalith, I was able to pass the OCS on my first attempt. Extremely professional, with a true commitment to his students and flexibility to accommodate learners worldwide, enabled me to juggle work, family, personal commitments and still pass on attempt no 1.  The mock exams were extremely useful and their prompt feedback enabled me to focus on weaker areas and improve where I needed to before the actual examination. Undoubtedly a world-class tuition provider, highly innovative with a shared passion for success through an extraordinary commitment to delivering extraordinary results”

Gracia Panjaitan, Assistant Supply Chain Finance Manager at Unilever Indonesia

CIMA Operational Case Study (OCS) – November 2017 – 88 Marks

“Thank you, The British Academy of Finance (BAF), for everything, and a special thanks to my tutor, Mr Lalith De Silva, he was beyond helpful. The tutor support and mock evaluation gave me the confidence I needed to pass my OCS. I will be using BAF for Managerial level. Thank you once again”

Cynthia Zhang, Assistant Supply Chain Finance Manager at Unilever

CIMA Operational Case Study (OCS) – November 2017 – 86 Marks

“Thank you, BAF and my tutor Pak Lalith for your pivotal support and guidance in my preparation for the OCS exam. I passed the first time! You played a huge role in my pass. Thank you for your patience, encouragement and dedication in helping me. BAF study materials including the mock exams are the best”

Michelle Madeline, Asst. Finance Reporting Manager at Unilever

CIMA Operational Case Study (OCS) – November 2017 – 85 Marks

“I’m glad I used The British Academy of Finance as this was my first attempt of the OCS. The mock exams were very helpful, thank you very much for the assistance. See you again during the MCS exam”

Danang Pranajati Asrori, Assistant Manager Supply Chain Finance at Unilever

CIMA Operational Case Study (OCS) – November 2017 – 85 Marks

“The coaching provided by the tutor Mr. Lalith De Silva  in preparation for the OCS has been excellent and helped me secure the pass mark for OCS. He provided individual attention and feedback that greatly helped in improving answers and increasing the quality of preparation for the exams. Furthermore, his analysis and breakdowns of the case studies are helpful in providing meaningful insight and he was always ready to clear any doubts regarding subject material as well. Overall, Mr. Lalith’s guidance has been a great help! His support has been essential in helping me pass OCS. Thank you, sir!”

Edriaty Natalia, Assistant Finance Manager – Unilever Trading Indonesia

CIMA Operational Case Study (OCS) – November 2017 – 83 Marks

“Their pre-seen analysis, multiple tasks and mock exams helped me get through my OCS exam in the first attempt. The suggested answers for the tasks and the mocks helped me frame my answer. Overall, The study material provided by them was very useful and boosted my confidence.
Thank you BAF and Pak Lalith for all your support”

Alizza, Customer Development Finance at Unilever

CIMA Management Case Study (MCS) – November 2017 – 99 Marks

“Initially, I found MCS hard and struggled to build a sensible answer for the given tasks, though Mr.Lalith’s  lectures helped me up to a great extent to overcome such issues and pass MCS in November 2017 with 99 marks. Mock exams and discussions carried out during the lectures were really effective and fruitful. I was given individual attention and feedback which added more value to face the exam with less fear and more confidence. Thank you so much sir, for your support and feedback”

Ahdi Ardli Budi Asmoro, Trade Finance Manager at PT. Heinz ABC Indonesia

CIMA Management Case Study (MCS) – November 2017 – 87Marks

“Feeling so relieved after passing the Management Case Study exam in November! So thankful to The British Academy of Finance for the prompt feedback on their mock exams and the help & guidance provided by Pak Lalith!”

Rinu Amrita, Accounting Manager at PT Unilever Enterprises Indonesia

CIMA Management Case Study (MCS) – May 2018 – 87Marks

“After failing the November 2017 Management Case Study exam, I studied for May 2018 case study with Mr Lalith De Silva from BAF. His invaluable insight, and the mock exams, ensured that I passed this time. Thank you so much The British Academy of Finance, I doubt I would have passed without you!”

Mardina Dahlan, Internal Audit Manager at Unilever

CIMA Management Case Study (MCS) – May 2018 – 88 Marks

“The British Academy of Finance is the most convenient mode of achieving your CIMA qualification. In the current busy environment, the tutors provide flexible sessions and relevant material that provides a pass guarantee. I am grateful for the support given to me and I will continue to engage the tutors for the remaining CIMA levels. My key favourites are personalised assistance and the mock exams that give a test of the final exams. I recommend you register ASAP if you are on your way to becoming a CGMA”

Anastasia Istanto, Head of Management Accountant at PT.Japfa Comfeed Indonesia

CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) – August 2017 – 80 Marks

Some interesting thoughts from me which I have learnt from BAF and my Lecturer Mr.Lalith. I am sure following would encourage you to get through your next/final hurdle.

1. 100% focus on the question and answer accordingly

2. Understand the parts of the question

3.Make necessary headings

4.Your recommendations are very important

5.All three main answers should have at least 2 technical concepts or theories, 2 industry examples, 2 pre-seen extracts – this is a must

6.Keep the word limit between 750 to 900

7.Read/Plan your answer within 15 minutes

For me, no.1,2 and 3 are important and I do simultaneously. When I plan, I note down parts of the questions, the points I want to explain and the same time do my headings. Because sometimes questions are more than 3 in 1 sub question. I know this part people tend to miss out and got carried away. Your prep class is good to give me intro on the theories.

Muhammad Alwi , Assistant Manager at RSM INDONESIA

CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) – August 2017 – 89 Marks

“Truly impressive support and guidance received during the time when I need it the most. The study material, questions practice, mocks were all carefully and expertly set. I gained a lot of confidence after speaking to Mr.Lalith on the phone. Would recommend to anyone who is trying to blitz through CIMA”

Tevilyan Yudhistira Rusli , Chief Financial Officer – Unilever Indonesia tbk

CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) – November 2017 – 91 Marks

“Thank you, The British Academy of Finance, for making my first attempt at Strategic Case Study a successful one. The training methodology is undeniably unique and very effective considering the tight work schedule of most of us. The weekly live discussion sessions with Mr Lalith, what’s app group chats, mocks written in simulated CIMA exam environment with feedbacks facilitates the success of students at the CIMA exams. Well done Pak Lalith, keep up the good job!”

Ilauddin Sopian, Chief Financial Officer at PT Hero Supermarket Tbk

CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) – February 2018 – 80 Marks

“I sat for CIMA’s Strategic Case Study (SCS) in February 2018, and it was my first ever SCS sitting. It was a different experience for me, as SCS is a fully computer-based examination and with time constraints.

We had a 6 to 7 weeks syllabus implemented via interactive offline and online studies, refresher course on the relevant theories and models, and lots of mocks attempts under exam conditions. I found the weekly tutorial sessions and the audio/video notes on key subjects of great help. I would like to thank Mr Lalith for his effort in helping me to pass the SCS exam in my first sitting”

Salomo Lumban Gaol, Treasurer at PT HM Sampoerna Tbk

CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) –  May 2018 – 92 Marks

“I failed to get through in my first attempt. The support and guidance from the Mr Lalith have helped me to pass this paper with 92 scores. Setting aside time to study for a professional exam had been a challenge for me. The BAF’s provided the flexibility to juggle around my work, family and studies. The weekly follow up sessions are motivational in terms of keeping you ahead of the game and broaden your thinking. The feedback for mock papers are very useful in identifying the areas where you need improvement and mostly they are followed up in the next papers. The level of support and motivation is given to students by Mr Lalith is truly amazing!!”

Ira Aryani, Resource Management Analyst at The World Bank

CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) –  Nov 2019 – 88 Marks

Thank you, pak Lalith and the British Academy of Finance the online platform for helping me to clear finally the CIMA strategic case study before move into the year 2020 with the new CIMA syllabus. Never giving up attitude from Pak Lalith made me to finally achieve this successful mark of 88!

Your paragraph by paragraph case study analysis, top issues with suggested solutions and industry examples were superb!. Doing repeated mocks over and over had given me enough confidence to pass this exam. Undoubtedly it is a timed pressured exam but your time management techniques were perfect for each section of the question. An equal amount of content under each issue had given me a lot of poise to render a complete answer for CIMA examiner.

And today I can proudly say that I managed to clear CIMA. THANK YOU pak Lalith and the British Academy of Finance! Experts in case study analysis!

Citarasmi Bhanuwati, CFO for Thailand and Malaysia at Sanofi

CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) –  May 2019 – 85 Marks

I do not have enough words to express how grateful I am regarding your SCS materials which helped me prepare for and pass my May 2019 case study with a resounding pass mark! Your products were the most affordable but offered the greatest reward. You will always be highly recommended in my books. I have now completed my CIMA studies but your service will always be in my memory. Thank you pak Lalith and BAF.

Shahid Afzal, Finance Director, British American Tobacco – Indonesia

CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) –  Nov 2019 – 94 Marks

I managed to pass the Straegic Case Study exam at the 1st attempt and I am very grateful to Mr Lalith and The British Academy of Finance tuition because this wouldn’t have been possible without your invaluable & high-quality study material, professional marking, and advice. I have noticed a significant increase in my marks after the introduction of the professional marking and feedback and I think it is because, while your mock exams have been always of very high quality, I felt that an independent evaluation of my mock exam answer gave me a good idea of how far I might be from developing a solid method and providing a good answer to each task. Thank you a lot!

Christanto Pranata , CFO at PT Cikarang Listrindo Tbk

CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) – August 2018 – 86 Marks

I would like to thank the British Academy of Finance ( BAF) for the great support provided throughout my CIMA SCS journey. The online discussions and Mock exams were helpful to get good grades. The feedback on my practice questions and one to one discussions helped me plan my answers in the real exam. Recorded sessions allowed to access the material at our convenience and were very useful for the lastminute revision.

Once again I would like to express my gratitude to Mr.Lalith, who supported me 24×7. It was like everyone was writing the exam with me!

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