To help you get to grips with the CIMA syllabus and the exams that you are going to be faced with along your journey to becoming CIMA qualified, we have pulled together all of the key information that you need to know about the modules, the exams and the qualification as a whole.

This page starts with an overview of the entire CIMA syllabus and the exams that you will face.

We also have some more specific pages, where you can find more information about the CIMA professional qualification syllabus (introduced in 2015) and the CIMA certificate syllabus (introduced in 2017).

CIMA Objective Test Syllabus – CIMA Case Study Syllabus – CIMA Certificate Syllabus

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Objective Test Exams

The 9 professional papers are tested using objective test exams.

  • They are available on demand – you are able to select a date you wish to take the exam
  • The tests take place at a Pearson Vue study centre
  • They include a range of short answer questions such as multiple choice, drag and drop, hot spot and fill in the gap questions
  • You will be required to answer 60 questions in 90 minutes
  • The pass mark is 70%

Case Study Exams

The case study exams test the application of your knowledge from the E, P and F modules. Key features of these case study exams include:

  • The exam questions will be based on pre-seen material, involving a fictional company
  • New unseen material will be provided during the assessment and will involve a series of practical tasks to simulate the workplace e.g. responding to an email from the finance director or analysing the response to a change by a competitor
  • There are no calculations in the case study exams, but you will be required to analyse and comment on financial information
  • In order to move onto the next level, you must pass each of the objective test exams and the case study exam
  • You can sit the exam during 4 set periods each year (February, May, August and November)
  • The case study is a computer-based assessment at a Pearson Vue study centre
  • The pass mark is a scaled score of 80, provided that you pass the 4 key competencies: business skills, leadership skills, people skills and technical skills

Certificate in Business and Accounting

Certificate level consists of four exams: BA1, BA2, BA3 and BA4.

  • They are available on demand – you are able to select a date you wish to take the exam
  • The tests take place at a Pearson Vue study centre
  • You are required to complete 60 questions for BA1, BA2 and BA3. BA4 will contain 85 questions
  • The exams are made up of narrative and numerical questions with the exception of BA4, which is all narrative
  • Questions types include multiple choice, multiple response, drag and drop, hot spot, item sets and number entry.